• Vida Stabler

      Vida Stabler 

      Vida Stabler currently serves as the Title VI / Umóⁿhoⁿ Language and Culture Center Program Director and the Teachers of Umóⁿhoⁿ Language Facilitator. She received her Associate of Arts in 1993 from the Nebraska Indian Community College and her Bachelor of Arts in Education in 1995 from Wayne State College in Nebraska. She further refined her knowledge of Native education at Oklahoma City University, receiving a Masters of Education Degree in 1996. As an Umóⁿhoⁿ tribal member, Vida brings her expertise to Umóⁿhoⁿ education and revitalization of the Umóⁿhoⁿ language. Under her tenure as Directo

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    • Bryan Gordon

      Bryan Gordon 

      Bryan James Gordon, an applied linguist (MA University of Minnesota) has been helping the Umóⁿhoⁿ Language and Culture Center with technical, linguistic and curricular support since 2008, and is currently helping develop the new Level 1 "Umóⁿhoⁿ Íye-wathe" textbook. He has 7 years’ experience teaching community-based linguistic skills, through the Wounaan Oral Tradition Project in Panama, the American Indian Language Development Institute in Tucson, and locally with Umóⁿhoⁿ language teachers in Nebraska. His course on phonology will focus on the Umóⁿhoⁿ and Póⁿka sound and writing systems

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    • Wilhelm Meya

      Wilhelm Meya 

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